Execunet.com Website Review & Ratings + ExecuNet Coupons
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Execunet.com Website Review & Ratings + ExecuNet Coupons

In these troubled economic times, finding a job can be a difficult task. The competition for high paying jobs is fierce and finding quality open positions is tough for any jobseeker. There are hundreds of job boards, but finding the ones that list jobs related to your skills can be a daunting task. If you are an experienced executive looking for good paying positions, ExecuNet has many quality listings.

ExecuNet is a jobs board for experienced executives. They have been around for over 25 years and have a track record of success. Recruiters post high level executive jobs that pay in excess of $100,000 per year knowing that they will attract quality applicants. Job seekers looking for executive positions will have a list of available positions that are geared to their skills. Job categories include general management, finance, legal affairs, consulting, and information technology. A monthly membership fee will grant you access to job listings, live webinar and teleconferencing, contacts, and monthly networking meetings.

ExecuNet: What makes it different?

Execunet is different than most job boards because it caters to a specific category of job seeker. Instead of sorting through thousands of job listing looking for jobs that meet your skill package, ExecuNet has jobs that are specifically for the high level executive.

ExecuNet does not just list job openings, they provide you with many tools to help you land the position of your dream. The Knowledge Center includes weekly business articles, a free resume review service, and an e-newsletter with career tips.

ExecuNet helps you to network with executives in your area and connect with business leaders. They provide you with names and contacts to help you reach the important people in your field. Many job boards will provide you listings and try to upsell you on resume building, but ExecuNet provides you with the valuable connections that you need to land the job. Recruiters seem to prefer posting on specialized boards so it makes sense that you focus your energy on the ones that are right for you.

ExecuNet vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ExecuNet)

ExecuNet is not the only company specializing in specific job openings. There are several companies that have concentrated on jobs for executives.

The Ladders has one of the most visited websites in the industry. Their basic membership is free, but to access all of their offerings, the premium membership is $25 per month. The Ladders is one of the most well-known job boards in the industry and has one of the biggest memberships of specialty boards.

6figurejobs lists jobs that are over $100,000 and has been gaining in popularity recently. Their membership is free and they prescreen applicants with their own application process.

Execsearches is almost like a dating service where you fill out a profile and they match the position for you. Creating a profile is free and your profile is referenced for matches every 24 hours. Execusearches  lists only positions in nonprofit companies.

ExecuNet: Pricing & packages

Signing up with ExecuNet requires a membership fee. They have several price packages designed to suit your short range and long range goals. How does ExecuNet's prices compare to other executive job search companies?


  • 30 day membership $30 and renews at $39 each month
  • 90 day membership $99 renews every 30 days at $39 each month
  • 180 day membership $219
  • 360 day membership $399

The Ladders

  • 30 day premium membership $25


  • Free membership


  • Free membership

If the cost of joining ExecuNet seems a little risky, they also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try ExecuNet risk free for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the service and job listings, then just write to them within 30 days after you join and you can receive a full refund. This helps you to try it out without being locked in. Specialty boards like ExecuNet are not for every job seeker and it is good to know that you can try it out first.

ExecuNet: Product images & screenshots
ExecuNet Coupons
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ExecuNet: Customer reviews & comments

Some people have been hesitant to commit themselves to a membership fee in order to find a job. Their concerns are understandable, but ExecuNet has drawn some positive reviews.

Job Magician says “the best positions seem to wind up here”

Xomreviews states that ExecuNet “contains a world-class executive network

Forbes.com says the best thing about ExecuNet is the “hundreds of networking meetings in major cities providing interaction with peers, career experts, and other professionals”.

ExecuNet is not for everyone. Their company does not cater to people you are just looking for a massive list of job openings. ExecuNet is for the executive who is interested in networking and building a list of contacts. People who search the vast listings of Monster and Careerbuilder will not find ExecuNet suited for them. But if you consider finding a job to be a multi-layered strategy, then ExecuNet has a program that could interest you.

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